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Your life is only what you make of the situations.
I am a tribute; a princess; a hunter of shadows, werewolves, demons, and everything in between. My home is 221B. I travel through time and space in a blue police box. True Love's kiss - and hug - has saved me. The Force is with me. I lived long and prospered. I caught 'em all. I fought beside the Avengers while being recruited into Loki's Army. I control magic with the wave of my wand. I am brave, selfless, honest, peaceful, and intelligent. I am the offspring of a god and a mortal. I stepped through a wardrobe into a new land. I flew past the second star to the right and went straight on 'til morning. I watched people I love die and come back. I had my heart broken too many times to count. I laughed and cried, loved and lost, wished and abandoned all hope, and through it all, I am . . . okay.
I am a fangirl.